Beads, Beads, and as I Live and Bead – A Little about Organization and Storage

English: bead

Spanish: cuenta

French: perle

Italian: perla

Dutch: De kraal

Portuguese: conta

Chinese: “OZì

Russian: ,,q,,…,,?,,y,,~,,{,,p

Today I thought I would write something about beads. I mean, after all, that is what I live and breathe, BEADS, BEADS and…
organization and storage.

I even see beads in my sleep… if you call those 8 hours of interrupted unrest, sleep?!?

If wealth were measured in beads, I would be pretty dang wealthy indeed!

Being in the business of selling beads and jewelry making supplies, we needed some sort of organizational system. Our little home based business settled on purchasing quantities of part binds. I believe at last count we have just over 40 of these 24 drawer organizers. Each drawer has been divided to house two different products. Thus far, this system of ours has worked out pretty well. Now keep in mind, my shop/office is only 10′ x 12′ so if you are thinking, how can they possibly have that many organizers in one room… you’re right… not possible! We ran out of room eons ago, so anticipating that I would continue to expand upon our line, my husband, Dave aka Beadshipper, Shipper Extraordinaire, started moving all of our semi precious beads to another room….

Unfortunately that room happens to be our bedroom…. which brings me back to my previous statement of seeing beads in my sleep! *HA* And you thought I was making a funny! NOT! We now have 24 of these wonders of storage covering one wall of our bedroom. So, when my other half isn’t sitting in the shop/office at his desk playing his favorite online computer game, I can find him in the bedroom, with the television packing orders while watching some sort of sci fi movie.

Now these 24 drawer wonders are great for semi precious beads, strands, and jewelry findings, but, there is no way I could possibly fill one of these drawers with swarovksi crystals , or swarovski pearls, or sterling silver beads and findings! I may be wealthy in terms of beads, but I’m not THAT kind of wealthy! *HA* Sterling is expensive! So… we opted to purchase a few of the 60 drawer cabinets for just those special bobbles!

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE BEADS, but seeing all those drawers in my bedroom has me a bit uneasy. When I leave the shop/office in the wee hours of the morning, I don’t expect to walk into an extension of my office to sleep which is probably why I don’t… sleep! But now you understand that when I say I live and breathe BEADS…. I really DO!!

Only recently I have added Copper Beads and findings to our line and since we are out of cabinets as is the local Target…. we have resorted to some other interesting storage containers….larger open bins. However, when it comes to organization… they SUCK… but a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.

We have a nice assortment of shapes and sizes…. much like our semi precious beads line…. Some of these hold our jewelry tools, others hold bead books, still others house the permeable scent line, and an assortment of others hold the variety of beading Cord, Wire and String.
Now all of these different storage devices are working out well enough but I couldn’t possibly see putting my BDSLR Artisan Jewelry in containers like these.

So once again I went in search of and found the jewelry carrying case pictured below.
I decided upon 5 of these jewelry wonders! Jewelry Carrying Cases. Each 16″L x 9″W x 13″H case holds 12 trays 1″H which I might add, do not come with the case. Each tray holds an insert. I wasn’t sure what particular insert to purchase for the trays so I settled for 4 different types, all of which, of course, have their special designated purpose!
My choices included the 7 Slot, 8 Slot, 10 Slot and 18 Slot inserts.

I like the 7 Slot for Bead Necklaces. The 8 Slot holds 2 and 3 piece sets nicely. The 10 Slot is perfect for bracelets and the 18 Slot…. yep… earrings of course! Without these cases, trays and inserts, BDSLR Artisan Jewelry would be a complete disorganized disaster! Just another organizational PLUS! And they are great for craft fairs! With these in hand and my array of displays, I’m ready for just about anything not to mention ready to go anywhere within a moments notice!

Now if I had my druthers, I would own at least 3 of what I like to call the monster storage units. This awesome monster is fabulous but extremely expensive! It is sold by a company called Simplastics and has 240 drawers! WOOO HOOO!

The cabinet is 48″W x 24″D x 78″H. Mind you, I don’t really need the depth, but the fact that it has 240 drawers!!! WOW! And it even comes in an assortment of colors: black, blue, yellow, red, green, ivory, as it should, considering that one of these monsters costs $1,983 and change, not including shipping and handling!!!! TRIPLE WOW!!! And considering that it weighs 507 pounds… Let’s not even go there! *HA*
This would be perfect for storing my assortment of Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies.

If you really really want to…and please, I do not want you to feel as though I am forcing you… so, voluntarily feel free to spend your money on my products!!! The way I see it, If I can sell enough, I will be able to purchase one of the much dreamed of monster cabinets which will allow me to remove the numerous haunting bead cabinets from my bedroom and in turn give me that much needed nights sleep! So… I implore, beseech, entreat, petition, plead, solicit, even PRAY you to… SPEND SPEND SPEND your MONEY MONEY MONEY on my BEADS BEADS BEADS and other quality jewelry making supplies because we all know, you can’t use one without the other!

Well… that about covers it for today~ Thank you. Until the next time…. HAPPY BEADING!

Donna aka Beadseller 🙂